Phone Sistem Package


How do I reduce my phone bills with SB Phone Systems?

As you know business phone service are more expensed than residential service. The lowers payment for business phone service is between $90.00 to $135.00 dollars per line; in other words two lines with AT&T phone service is about $2,800 per year without long distance.

Do you offer business phone service?

Yes we do. SB Phone provides VoIP phone service for small business in United State, Canada and Puerto Rico at competitive prices.

Can I keep my phone company using your phone systems?

Yes, you can; our phone systems are building with the lasted technology in telecommunication and provide both communication interfaces VoIP technology and analog input. (Land Lines)

Can I port my numbers to SB Phone service?

Yes, you can port your phone numbers to our VoIP service

Can I use the VoIP feature to connect remote extensions with my land lines?

Yes; our phone systems is capable to use remote extensions with your existing land lines without any additional hardware.

What are the benefits of remote extensions?      

Remote extensions can be useful in many scenarios, If your company headquarter are in Miami Florida and you have small offices around the country, you can connect them to your main office by sending a phone to the remote location, all calls between locations are completely free even if they are in China.

How your phone systems can help my company?

At the first day of your new phone system from SB Phone, your company will have a very professional image in front of customers, employees and partners, everybody will think that your business are very strong and has been in business for years, even if you are one men business, also all calls will be route to deferent department such as sales, support and accounting as well.

My question is not here, how can I contact you?

If you have any question you can contact us by phone Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Ester Standard Time or by using our contact form