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How the M350 Business Phone System Benefit your Business?

The M350 sophisticated office phone system is ideal for small business and branch offices, supporting up to 25 IP phones. VoIP technology is ideal for any business because include amazing feature that improve your business image and employees instantly.

Give your business a professional look and feel “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support, 3 For Customer Service or 0 for the operator, also have your voicemails sent directly to your email as wav file attachments with text message notification.

There is no reason for the accounting department to answer the phone when the call is for the sales department and vice versa, if the sales department answer the phone calls and try to find some one in accounting, automatically he or she loose the concentration on the job ending in cost of money for your business and waste of productivity for your employee, also you may have Spanish speaking prospect and customers who call in, at soon the caller listen an English speaking will hangs up immediately.

SB Phone offer onsite custom installation service for business telephony systems by our professional certified technicians on selecting areas in USA and the Caribbean. For more information click here for available installation areas.

How the M350 phone system fits in the economy situation?

Today's economic force many businesses to reduce the monthly expenses by reducing phone cost and office space. As you know, automatically you save up to 70% in your phone bill by purchasing the M350 VoIP phone system for your business, you also have the advantage of remote workers connected to your office from anywhere in the world.

Having employees in United States, China, Latin America, Puerto Rico or any other country doesn't make difference in your phone bill, because all calls between them and your office are totally free, you can transfer calls to them and they can transfer calls to you without international fees as they were behind your desk.

Take your desk phone with you, forward calls to your mobile or use a softphone it's doesn't matter, you will have access to all the same communication you would have at the office.
Do you do international business? Having virtual numbers in any part of the world is economic and profitable with VoIP technology; offer a better way to communicate with new customers and prospect with a virtual phone number, waving them long distance calls put your business in first option because they prefer more a live person than en email.

Now you don't have to increase your office space and expenses, just hire more remote sellers or technical support agents using their internet connection and computers to work for you business at no extra cost. SB Phone offer onsite installation service for VoIP business telephony by our professional certified technicians on selecting areas in South Florida and Puerto Rico. Contact us for more information and our specialist will be glad to assist you with all your business communication need.